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Nothing cookie cutter here! 


The Association Office specializes in developing business support management plans, tailored to the unique, needs each company requires.


Under the direction and management of Angi Roberts, Founder & CEO, The Association Office assists non-profits in attaining their goals through the use of sound judgment and top-notch organizational techniques and processes. This may mean for some clients recommendations for process improvements, while for others, it may mean fine-tuning what is already in place. Either way, we partner with the stakeholders to identify the needs and update processes accordingly.  


Since its founding over 30-years ago, The Association Office has expanded its client base to include a variety of non-profit corporations and associations, covering a wide variety of industries from automotive to marketing, including companies in the area of green technologies, professional services, and more. The Association Office is a resource for event planning, database maintenance, election management, budget monitoring, and other functions commonly required by non-profit Boards.

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